The Menu during your trek:

Each person will get 4 bottles of mineral water for the whole trip

Day 01

Breakfast: Egg,Tomato and garlic toast

Pineapple salad,Hot tea / nescafe coffee

Lunch:Chicken ,Vegetable soup,Steaming rice Fruit salad Hot tea/ nescafe coffee

Dinner:Fried rice + fried chicken,Omelette

Fruit salad Hot tea/hot lemon

Day 02:

Breakfast( crater rim):cheese egg sandwich+fruit salad+nescafe coffee

Lunch ( Lake):Fried chicken,Fried noodle,fruit Salad ,Nescafe coffee/ Hot tea

Dinner( Sembalun crater rim):

Fried rice and chicken


Fruit salad

Hot Lemon tea

Day 03


Fried Banana, Boiled Egg, fruit salad, hot tea/ nescafe

Lunch: chicken soup and rice + hot tea